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Available in:
# Super 8 with audio
# Super 8 and Double 8 without audio
# 16mm with or without audio
# 35mm
# 70mm

Technical Specifications:
3 CCD Full HD 1920x1080
Output: HDMI - Firewire - RGB - AV - Component Video S/Video - USB
Built in LCD screen
60 GB Harddrive
Auto & manual white balance
Custom Rodenstock 3CCD modified objective
Easy to operate
Made in Holland by Kunee Instruments
The system is a plug & play all in solution.
It does not display black borders on a wide screen plasma/lcd screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
There is no loss of detail, it even gives more surface detail than a normal projector.

All systems include 2 year w  arranty


- Nieuwe website online

- SCD-3 met 750 slides/h